SRC – VHF Radio Course

Radio operators on the Short range course (SRC), for the VHF Operators Certificate are taught the proper use of a VHF radio and the correct procedures to follow.

Effective from 1 January 2016 Category B, C, D Vessels must be equipped with a VHF radio and the operator must hold a VHF Operators certificate.

Course Details

  • Inter vessel , Mayday, Mayday Relay, Pan Pan , Security and Urgency signals.
  • Frequencies, Batteries and radio tests.
  • Radio tuning and maintenance.
  • The course also includes the new modules for Digital Selective Calling (DSC)


On successful completion of the course operators should have the following knowledge and practical skills:

  • General knowledge of radio communications in the maritime mobile service
  • Practical knowledge of radio equipment
  • VHF radio installation, antennas, interfacing
  • Digital Selective calling (DSC)
  • Practical and theoretical knowledge of radio communication procedures
  • Regulations for VHF Communications

2 day weekday course or a 2 day weekend courses. Course can be arranged for weekday evenings.


Our courses will be presented in Pretoria and Sodwana bay.

(Courses also available in Gordon’s bay, Knysna, Port Elizabeth, Vaal triangle and Durban.)