Digital Selective Calling and Rescues

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Emergency Procedural Words

Emergency Procedural Words There are three emergency procedural words that indicate extra importance when you communicate on a VHF radio. In order of decreasing severity and in the order of priority, they are: Mayday Pan-Pan Securité. (These words were derived…

VHF Channels

Common VHF channels used on the South African coast VHF radios may have more than 50 channels, but are relatively few that are/can be used by recreational boaters in South Africa. This table lists the most common ones and lists…

SRC – VHF Radio Course

OUR COURSES +27 76 603 5569 SRC – VHF Radio Course Radio operators on the Short range course (SRC), for the VHF Operators Certificate are taught the proper use of a VHF radio and the correct procedures to follow.…

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