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Advanced Skipper’s Training

OUR COURSES +27 76 603 5569 Advanced Skipper Training You have completed your basic skippers course and are qualified to launch a boat, but you are not confident to launch your own boat, or launch it at a new…

Coastal Skipper Training

OUR COURSES +27 76 603 5569 Coastal Skipper Training LEARN THE ART OF SAFE BOATING AND SURF LAUNCHES Experience the excitement and adventure of coastal boating. Obtain your certificate of competence for small power-driven vessels from the South African…

Inland Skippers Training

OUR COURSES +27 76 603 5569 Inland Skippers Training Obtain your skippers certificate of competence for Inland waters for small power driven vessels. Category R skippers qualify to operate their vessels on inland waters, dams, rivers, estuaries and harbours.…

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