Seaworthy Testing (COF)

SAMSA requirements for seaworthy certification (COF)

All power driven vessels must be surveyed annually and a Certificate of Fitness is then issued after the inspection.

Please contact us for the SAMSA requirements for power driven vessels, the required safety equipment.

The boating categories are as follows:

  • A – Vessels operating more than 40 nautical miles offshore
  • B – Vessels operating up to 40nm offshore
  • C -Vessels operating  up to 15nm offshore
  • D – Vessels operating up to 5nm offshore
  • E – Vessels operating up to 1nm from shore
  • R – Vessels operating on inland waters, estuaries and harbours.

A vessel’s classification is determined by where it is used and the distance it is used offshore. This then determines the safety equipment needed for the vessel.

Annual boat inspections, registrations and seaworthy certification

All vessels must be inspected annually or with change of ownership.

We do boat surveys for Category B,C,D,E en R vessels.

Vessels are inspected by appointment only.

All vessels must be under command of a person with a valid Certificate of Competence (skipper’s certificate).