Common VHF channels used on the South African coast

VHF radios may have more than 50 channels, but are relatively few that are/can be used by recreational boaters in South Africa. This table lists the most common ones and lists the simplex channels used. A simplex channel transmits and receives on the same frequency. On the South African coast users must make sure their VHF radios are set for the International channel plan. (On the Canadian and US channel plan their channel frequencies may vary.
Channel Used for:
6 Ship to ship (International)
8 Ship to ship (International)
9 Port Control Durban
10 Ship to ship (International)
12 Port Control (Except CT and Durban)
13 Intership navigation safety
14 Port Control Cape Town
16 Distress, Urgency, Safety and Calling (International)
70 Digital only; used by DSC functions on the radio.
72 Ship to ship (International)
70 Ship to ship (International)