Short range course – Vhf radio Course

Radio operators on the Short range course (SRC), for the VHF Operators Certificate are taught the proper use of a VHF radio and the correct procedures to follow.

Effective from 1 January 2016 Category B, C, D Vessels must be equipped with a VHF radio and the operator must hold a VHF Operators certificate.

Operators are taught how to operate VHF radio equipment and the course  cover:

  • Inter vessel , Mayday, Mayday Relay, Pan Pan , Security and Urgency signals.
  • Frequencies, Batteries and radio tests.
  • Radio tuning and maintenance.
  • The course also includes the new modules for Digital Selective Calling (DSC)

Learning Objectives: On successful completion of the course operators should have the following knowledge and practical skills:

  • General knowledge of radio communications in the maritime mobile service
  • Practical knowledge of radio equipment
  • VHF radio installation, antennas, interfacing
  • Digital Selective calling (DSC)
  • Practical and theoretical knowledge of radio communication procedures
  • Regulations for VHF Communications

Duration: 2 day weekday course or  a 2 day weekend courses. Course can be arranged for weekday evenings.

Venues: Our courses will be presented in Pretoria and Sodwana bay.

(Courses also available in Gordon’s bay, Knysna, Port Elizabeth, Vaal  triangle and Durban.)